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Analysis of Emily Fisk’s Post

Let me start off by saying I truly enjoyed reading this piece of writing. I really like how you are using rhetorical questions when you write, more specifically in your first paragraph. This gives the reader a good sense of what you are thinking at the time, but also allows us to relate to you and create a bond (ethos) since we have all looked for an internship. We also feel a sense of connection with you when you describe feeling overwhelmed, especially when walking to the building for the first time, getting all of your material together, and just experiencing Italy in general. The feeling of being overwhelmed is recurring for all students, creating a strong ethos for your audience, which is the class. I found this descriptive language to be very useful rhetorically but also very useful when describing your experience.

It is funny how you need to have experience to get experience in today’s cutthroat job market, right?

When reading the first couple paragraphs of your writing I felt as though we were being given an abstract of some sorts, since you tie everything together but allow for ample descriptive space. I enjoyed the entrance to the 3rd paragraph because it felt almost like a story whereas the first two were like an auto-biography (with less descriptive voice and tone). The section I focused on in class with my group (pages 48-55 in Holcomb and Killingsworth) dealt slightly with descriptive language and how it can be useful to a writer. I think you did a good job with that.

It was interesting when you wrote out what you said in large font for the ITalian students – it is helpful for them but also plays on the Font exercise I did for this class. Font is so important rhetorically, especially when you are teaching students who do not even know the language that well! Throughout the piece I see growth of your “person” and enthusiasm for what you do. This is great to see as a reader because it is engaging and makes it evident that you enjoyed writing the piece.

Good job!


Text for Review

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Preface: I wrote this for a rhetoric/argument class my senior year of H.S. I chose this topic because it was interesting to me and I did not know much about it, so it forced me to read up and do research. I chose this paper for this assignment because I think that my classmates will find it interesting as well. Sorry for the way it is formatted in this post, when I copy and pasted the format changed completely. Obviously, you do not have to read the whole thing – just read as much as you’d like.


The Clash of Powers: Autonomy or Intervention 

Tetanus Immunization


In our contemporary generation, we find ourselves living in a realm of contradictions. On one side, our world is expanding rapidly and we are graced with technological and medical advances that make our lives easier and should help us feel protected. At…

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March 4th Assignment: Font Choices

“Font choices can make or break a message.”

I thought the introductory sentence to this article is very interesting because I rarely change my font style on essays, and give the matter even less attention when e-mailing. Font choice can play a large role rhetorically because not only can it attract a reader to read an article, but it can also set the mood. “Poor typeface choices negatively affect the message in the copy.” 

You must make sure that the font you choose matches the type of writing you are striving for or the genre you have decided to follow. For example, if writing a business memo I doubt that a playful, childish font would be used. On the contrary, a business man wants to come off as credible, well-educated and sophisticated, leading him to choose a font like Times New Roman. 

In reading all of the examples in the article I can clearly see how font affects the audiences’ perception of what they are reading. Some fonts are more playful than others while some are somewhat scary. However, all of these fonts grab my attention in a particular way. To me this is proof that font style is in fact rhetorical and can help build credibility in whichever style/genre you decide to write in. Everyone should browse this article and at least look at the different font styles. I am curious to see what others think. 

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