WRT 308 Reflection

The style intervention groups in WRT 308 helped me out a lot. Not only was I able to hear what my classmates had to say about the piece of work I selected, but I was also able to see how my classmates reacted to the work while they gave me feedback. This was very interesting because some people claimed they had never learned this much about Tetanus Immunization but still felt connected to the work. Regardless, everyone should know about Tetanus and its impact on people as well as the military / society (which I address). The feedback given to me during the style interventions was very helpful, to the point that I wished we began them earlier and used more of our own projects to get feedback on.

            I felt as though my paper on tetanus immunization was already strong, however, I wrote it so long ago that I must have overlooked some things. I say this because my classmates found numerous errors that I did not even know were present. Thankfully, I was able to note these errors while also asking questions so that I could understand exactly what it was they were saying and recommending to me. Although I disagreed with a few things my classmates said, I took them to heart because I know that any form of criticism is good criticism.

            In my paper I was writing to an academic audience, therefore having an academic audience read and critique my paper was exactly what I needed. They told me that my structure was good for the most party, however, many paragraphs were long and wordy and I should split them up in order to address my points more clearly and concisely. It is important, while receiving criticism on your work, to never take it to heart and always keep your eyes and mind open. No matter how much you disagree with the corrections your classmates have to offer you have to keep in mind that you are writing to a wide range of people. Therefore, everyone’s individual critique matters.

            Also addressed in my writing was the structure of my sentences. When going back and editing my work I found it hard to take out and readjust certain sentences, mainly due to the fact that I wrote the piece in my own voice and, thus, it sounds good to me. Everyone writes in a different manner, which is why prose is so important in writing. Regardless of whether or not everyone likes how you write, you must be considerate of his or her writing style and understanding of your prose when allowing your work to be critiqued, or else you will never progress and will be unwilling to change your writing. Due to the fact that we had such a large array of students in the class with such different writing styles, the style intervention helped so much by allowing me to grasp how other people read and understand my writing. This is why I wish we started the style interventions earlier on in the year. I would have loved for people to read my other projects and give me feedback on them.

            This project aside, I had a great time in WRT 308. Not only was Professor Howard a wonderful, insightful teacher, but also she was always enthusiastic about what she was teaching and always provided wonderful materials to reference. The books we used in class were amazing because they dealt directly with rhetoric and prose, subjects vital to the class. The class dynamic was also amazing throughout the year; people felt as though they could argue, discuss and comment whenever they felt. By the end of the year the classroom did not feel like an academic setting, but rather one that was friendly and inviting. No one was scared to speak their mind by the end of the year.

            I find this incredible and something very vital to take away from this classroom experience. It was not only the students who facilitated this feeling, but also Professor Howard. Her ability to engage her audience while maintaining a professional persona was what got people to want to speak up. I remember in the beginning of the year it was just a select few of people, including me, who spoke. After a few class meetings as well as assignments, which made us engage with each of our classmates, everyone felt as though they were friends with each other. I have never been in a class with a teacher that was able to portray this persona to her students. Thus, WRT 308 and Professor Howard work in sync with each other to the point that students forget they are in a classroom.

            My overall experience in WRT 308 made me engage the texts that were readily available to us while also allowing me to constantly stay engaged with the class material. The tweeting that we had to do on a class-to-class basis helped not only facilitate conversations amongst students, but also helped our professor keep checks on us throughout the semester. The assignments we had were wonderful, in the sense that they challenged us but also encouraged us to become better writers. I have trouble finding something bad to say about WRT 308 and Professor Howard because it was just an overall wonderful experience.


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